Stop sending project materials via email; publish them on a project portal!

Bill Hoberecht - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.         

It is particularly inefficient to use email to publish information that your organization or team will use for reference or guidance.  Your email will likely be discarded or misplaced, and as a result your important information will not be used.  Instead, publish this 'persistent' information on a project Wiki (or some other portal technology) that is back ended by a document repository.

Can't find project documents in your overflowing email inbox?

If this is your situation:      Then: 
  • Too many email messages contain information that you'll need for reference (e.g, persistent information).
  • You or your team members are unable to quickly retrieve important project information
  • You are on conference calls in which participants struggle with locating the materials being discussed
  • A great deal of your project's documents and important information reside on individual's PC's

Your project will benefit by implementing a project portal that enables easy access to important information.

Abandon email for project documents; publish on a project portal/Wiki:


A set of slides that present the case for limiting the use of email as the means of publishing project information, and instead moving to the use of a repository to hold information, and a portal (e.g., Wiki) to provide easy access.

 Click to hear the presentation An audio presentation (flash format) of the materials on the slides - this is intended for project managers, managers, executives and PMO team members.