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Project Issues and Issue Management

A project issue is a problem that has been encountered in executing project activities.  This problem impairs a project’s ability to successfully complete.  A project issue is almost always one of these:

The identification of an issue demands a response by the project to eliminate or minimize the impact to the project.  The methods of identifying and addressing issues are collectively termed Issue Management.

Issue Management in its most basic form is simply:

Because this seems so straightforward, many project managers tend to use ad hoc methods in managing project issues.  Ad hoc methods may work well for a small number of issues, but are unlikely to be effective and efficient for a larger number of issues.  Ineffective management of issue resolution creates problems, particularly for projects that are experiencing a large number of issues:
The purposes of the issue management process are to:
The Issue Management Methods presented inside PM Notebook can help you implement an effective method of handling project issues and in preventing a large set of Issue Management Pitfalls from visiting your project.